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Pandharpur, Solapur

Ram Krishnahari Vruddhaashram

About Us

Ram Krishnahari Vruddhaashram is a home for the seniority that stands tall in the metaphysical capital of Maharashtra i.e. Pandharpur. Basically an old age home that provides for the basic requirements of the elderly, that too for free.

By delivering over 26 years of volunteery service to the society, the Ram Krishnahari Vruddhaashram holds massive goodwill in the society. It started with a simple idea of supporting the elderly and providing them the shelter they need in the layer years of their life with time the outgrew and with immense support, they have shifted to a new building that has an age friendly design.

The list of facilities they offer include medical care, clean beds, timely meals, library and more. All this is made available to aged without any service charge. However, being a free service doesn't mean that any of the necessities are overlooked. In fact, the life at Krishnahari is completely safe, secure and protected as per the requirements of the seniority.

As it is said that age is just a number and the volunteers at Ram Krishnahari Vruddhaashram ensure it remains just as a number and nothing more then that. At Krishnahari, you will not just find peace but also the vibrant and energized ambiance that gives you the hike of rising over your worries and enjoy the golden years of your life at its best.